Quality. Perseverance. Professionalism.

Why Choose Envisage Law


We are good at what we do. We might not be large, but we are experienced, responsive, and committed to providing the highest quality of services. We enjoy exceeding expectations, and we like to win for our clients.


We never give up pursuing our clients’ objectives and are passionate for their successes. Our attorneys pride themselves in forming enduring relationships serving their clients for decades, with some attorneys serving the same clients for nearly 50 years. We plan on being there for our clients today, tomorrow and well into the future.


We believe we are answerable for how we use the gifts we have been given, to include the privilege of serving our clients’ needs. We are passionate about serving our clients to the best of our abilities.

Our Services:

Envisage Law is an innovative, full-service business and wealth management law firm that serves clients throughout North Carolina and the United States. We assist our clients with their legal needs, whether those needs involve corporate planning or acquisitions in eastern North Carolina, or pursuing counterfeiters in a Chinese court. Our firm, together with our global network of attorneys, serves for our clients’ legal needs, wherever they are and whatever the stakes. Envisage Law’s scope of legal representation includes, but is not limited to:

A Rich Tradition. A Bright Future.

We exist to help our clients achieve their visions for the future.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, helping them to anticipate, avoid and overcome challenges and obstacles to their successes.